I. Daily engine maintenance and precautions (Take Dongfeng Cummins engine as an example)

1. Drain the air. Loosen the bleed bolt of the low-pressure fuel line, and repeatedly press the button of the fuel delivery pump until no bubbles overflow in the low-pressure oil line, that is, tighten the bleed bolt.
⊙ Loosen the high-pressure fuel pipe connector and start the engine until fuel is discharged from the high-pressure fuel pipe.
⊙ Tighten the high pressure oil pipe, start the engine, and check for leaks.

2.Check the fan belt

Must be disassembled with special tools to avoid brutal operation. A few lateral cracks (no penetration) are acceptable

3. Change the oil and filter Note: Be careful of burns when putting oil!
Dirty motor oil should be collected and disposed of in accordance with the requirements of the local environmental protection department, and should not be discarded at will to avoid polluting the environment.
Fill the oil before installing the oil filter, and the seal ring should be lubricated with clean oil.
Do not overtighten. Tighten by hand and then 3/4 turn with a wrench. After installation, start the engine and check for leaks.

4. Fill the coolant. Note: You must wait for the engine to cool before opening the water tank cover to prevent burns!
DC series to add DCA
Do not fill too fast, otherwise air resistance will occur and the water temperature will be high.
At the same time, open the air release valve until the coolant overflows.

5, intake check Note: killer dust engine!
Check all air pipe clamps frequently
Change the air filter regularly

6. The cooling system inspection is often supplemented with coolant, pay attention to the dust between the heat dissipation grids, keep the pipelines sealed and unobstructed, replace the water filter regularly, and check the fans and fan belts for signs of damage.

Second, the daily maintenance and precautions of the generator
The inside and outside of the alternator should be cleaned regularly, and the frequency of cleaning depends on the environment where the unit is located. When cleaning is required, follow these steps: disconnect all power sources, wipe away all dust, dirt, oil, water, or any liquid from the outside, and clean the ventilation net, because these things enter the coil, it will Overheat the coil or damage the insulation. Dust and dirt are best removed with a vacuum cleaner. Do not use air or high pressure water to clean it.
The insulation resistance of the generator is reduced due to damp, so the generator must be dried. For the drying method and detailed maintenance, please refer to the “Generator Usage and Maintenance Manual”.
Third, the daily maintenance and precautions of the control screen
The routine maintenance of the unit control screen should ensure the cleanliness of its surface, make the instrument display clear and intuitive, and the operation buttons (keys) flexible and reliable. During the operation of the unit, the vibration will cause the control panel instrument to deviate from the zero position, and the fasteners will become loose. Therefore, it is necessary to periodically calibrate the control panel, tighten the connecting parts, and connect the wires.
Maintenance unit control screen must be carried out by professional operation and maintenance personnel after a basic understanding of the control screen principle.