The establishment of Tianhai Electromechanical Customer Service System is to provide customers with perfect service and support in order to meet customer requirements. It truly reflects the principle of "Tianhai Electromechanical Service is for you" and better serves customers. In order to properly manage and exert due efficiency, the company provides years of accumulated after-sales service work experience, including personnel training, regular return visits and warranty commitments, etc., for the regular maintenance of generator sets. The date when the installation and commissioning of the generator set is completed and put into use is when our company's after-sales service system and quality assurance system begin to operate.

、人员培训 1. Staff training

After the on-site installation and commissioning, the company will hand over the information and transfer the technical data. It will be responsible for the host operation site guidance. It will train 2-3 equipment operation and maintenance personnel for the construction unit for free. The generator set managers can effectively and reasonably operate the generator set. The project training plan is arranged as follows

Serial number




Generator set


Generator structural characteristics and safety regulations

1 day


Operation and maintenance

1 day

、定期回访 2. Regular return visits

The company implements a regular return visit system, establishes a customer service desk account and a customer service satisfaction account, and returns to all completed projects once a quarter, and commissions and checks once, understands the operation of the work, consults the user unit, and finds out the use of Analyze the cause and correct the quality defects and operation errors of the operator of the Party A equipment in time.

、保修承诺 3. Warranty commitment

We promise to provide one year of free or one thousand hours (whichever comes first) maintenance for the generator sets sold by our company. Free warranty and customer satisfaction due to assembly and equipment quality issues. Equipment maintenance implements one-stop service, and the time limit for restarting equipment troubleshooting is within one day after receiving notification of failure.
If there is an emergency or a technical problem is found during the use of your unit, after notifying us, our company will immediately arrange a technician. The technician should arrive at the scene 24 hours to solve the problem without special circumstances. Major events can be dispatched 24 hours on duty; stocks are not available Spare parts and special circumstances do not exceed seven days, and work as usual on holidays.

、维修技术人员情况 4, maintenance technicians situation

Our company's after-sale technical personnel have undergone professional training, and their academic qualifications are all above technical professional schools. The average time for repairing generator sets is 5 years, and they are committed to serving customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Customer-centric at all times, and urgent needs of customers, comprehensive overall quality, high service quality.

、服务热线 5 , service hotline

In order to facilitate later maintenance, our company has a large parts library. Sales of generator accessories for various brands. Provided convenient conditions for later work. Company service hotline: 0514-86521400. We will provide you with first-class and fast service.