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1.Tianhai diesel generator set identification

2. Components of Tianhai Diesel Generator

● Tianhai series diesel generator set model definition
1. for example:











described as follows
Code 1: TH --- Tianhai series generator set
Code 2: Abbreviation for diesel engine manufacturer

康明斯( cummins) C --- Cummins

上柴股份 S --- Shangchai shares

沃尔沃( VOLVO V --- VOLVO

无锡动力 X --- Wuxi Power

道依茨( DEUTZ DE --- Deutz

广西玉柴 Y --- Guangxi Yuchai

珀金斯 (Perkins ) P --- Perkins

中油济柴 J --- China Petroleum Jichai

无锡动力 X --- Wuxi Power

通柴 T --- Tong Chai

潍坊华丰 H --- Weifang Huafeng

潍柴动力 W --- Weichai Power

Code 3: Output power (KW)
Code 4: GF --- land-based generator set
Code 5: Q --- Mute type
Code 6: Z --- indicates automatic type
Code 7: M --- means trailer

Power definition description
Long line power (PRIME POWER): It is used to replace the mains power to continuously supply power to changing loads. On average, it allows 10% overload for 1 hour every 12 hours.
Standby power: When the normal mains power supply is interrupted, power is continuously supplied to the changing load without overload capacity. On average, one hour of full load operation is allowed every 12 hours, and it does not exceed 500 hours of full load operation each year.