About Tianhai

Yangzhou Tianhai Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd., formerly known as Tianhai Machinery Factory, is a solution provider for the generator and diesel generator industry. The headquarter is located in Yangzhou, Jiangsu. It has built a production base of generators and generator sets to provide users with intelligence. , Energy-saving generator set equipment, services and solutions.

During the development of the enterprise, through asset reorganization, management integration, technological innovation and other measures, we have gathered high-quality resources to the main development platform, and gradually formed an industrial development pattern with more prominent main businesses, better operations and benefits, and more competitiveness. At present, the company cooperates with some outstanding brands such as Cummins, Yuchai, Shangchai Power, Deutz, Tongchai, Volvo and so on.

In the early stage of the development of the company, the staff can't afford to be diversified, and the R & D capabilities of various equipment and technology are not perfect. However, as a Tianhai person, we have always adhered to the faith of the brand created by integrity. In terms of customer service, the company has always adhered to the "innovation leads environmental protection power, service The tenet of "win market trust" is service-oriented for each customer, and at the same time, it continuously improves its service level and strives to ensure better service.

The company set up a diesel generator set business unit in 2015 to lay a solid foundation for the company's better industrial appreciation. In 2016, the foreign trade department of the generator set was established. The establishment of these two new departments expanded the company's business scope and enhanced the company's strength. The company registered the "Jingchai" brand to prepare for the company's future development. The company hopes to make "Jingchai" a brand with long-term influence and work hard for it. In 2017, the company signed a cooperation agreement with Jiangdu District Blue Sky Law Office and established the Yangzhou Tianhai Legal Department. The 21st century market economy is a legal economy. It is established that only by operating in accordance with the law can we strengthen and expand the company and ensure the healthy and sustainable development of the company. Business concept. The company's output value has reached 150 million, and the company's scale has gradually expanded. With a group of high-quality, high-level outstanding members, it has gradually become a mature brand.

At present, Yangzhou Tianhai is in a period of rapid development. With the increasing market competition, the company has carried out innovation and reorganization, prioritized the allocation of resources, and carried out internal reform and upgrade of the company. Strengthened the core competitiveness of the enterprise. In terms of service scope, so far, the company's marketing scope has covered 2700 cities, 4,000 towns and villages, covering 70% of the country. At the same time, the company has achieved after-sales service at every sales outlet, and it is patient service. The company has set up professional service personnel to implement "real-time tracking service" for customers, and the service hotline is open 24 hours to prepare for customers at any time. The quality of the company's products has always been the direction we are pursuing. We always insist on quality first, and we can only have good service if we have good quality. The company expanded in scale last year. The company's main business has increased and its staff has increased. It has attracted many outstanding talents and injected new blood and vitality into the company. The company has also carried out detailed reforms and professional reforms in services to make the company's management more humane and to create a high-quality work environment for employees.

The company's future goal is to occupy a certain competitive position in the field of generators and serve the society within five years. In the future, we will be proud of Made in China. We believe that Made in China will radiate its glory in the international field. The company's future plan is to conduct the company's first round of financing and go public to attract investment and cooperate with outstanding companies. We hope that we can focus on professional services, focus on brand image, and create a good brand image with responsibility and benefit from cooperation. At the same time, enhance customer benefits, maximize customer benefits, and create customer value. In the future development, the company will carry out the second round of expansion to expand the scope of marketing and services, and at the same time carry out brand integration, provide customers with diverse choices, carry out diversified industrial development, and carry out industrial institutional reforms to optimize resource allocation. For resource sharing. The company provides refined services to customers, accurately locates customers, and provides one-on-one services. The company welcomes all major companies to negotiate, cooperate and develop together!